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Ieva Baltmiskyte


Ieva Baltmiskyte is a Lithuanian guitarist currently based in Brussels.

​After graduating from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and from Royal Conservatory of Brussels, she became interested in authenticity of performance, which led her to using different historical instruments in her concerts. She often performs on renaissance or baroque lute, lyre guitar and classical guitar.

​Ieva Baltmiskyte is also interested on contemporary music, in which she includes her own arrangements and compositions, often featuring Baltic music motives, as a reflection of her origin.

As an ensemble member and soloist, she has already performed in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Japan and elsewhere. She has also participated in masterclasses and concerts at international festivals including the Iserlohn guitar festival, Seitensprunge guitar festival, Festival Catharina, Festival Chapel for Europe, as well as a number of well-known festivals in her home country.

Ieva became interested in music at the age of six. She began studying guitar at the Garliava music school. Later she entered the Kaunas Juozas Gruodis conservatoire, where she studied with Inga Raginiene. Ieva graduated from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, where she studied with Julius Kurauskas and received a master degree in Royal Conservatory of Brussels with internationally-acclaimed guitarist Antigoni Goni. She also followed lute lessons under the guidance of Dirk de Hertogh and Sofie Vanden Eynde.

She attended masterclasses with Oscar Ghiglia, Saron Isbin, Konrad Ragossnig, Nuccio D‘Angelo, Pepe Romero, Roland Dyens, David Russell, Elena Papandreou, Gerald Garcia, Adam Holzman, Laura Young, Bosko Radojkovic, Ulrich Stracke, Giampaolo Bandini and Cesare Chiacciaretta, Alfonso Montes, members of Los Angeles Guitar Quartet: Scott Tennant, William Kanengiser and John Dearman, Eden-Stell duo, the Groningen Guitar Duo and others.

Ieva plays on renaissance lute by James Marriage, baroque lute, lyre guitar in made by a Belgian luthier Toon Lauwers, which is a copy of the François Roudhloff, originally held at MIM (Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels) and to classical guitars: Manuel Contreras "10th Anniversary" guitar usually used for solo concerts and guitar made by another Belgian luthier Lara Seidel, used for chamber music projects. 

Ieva Baltmiskyte is currently preparing her new album featuring Romantic music performed on a lyre guitar.

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