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Chordis, a dynamic ensemble comprising four musicians - Ieva Baltmiskyte, Cristina Mura, Caroline Cajot, and Vincent Weymann, originated from diverse corners of Europe. Fate brought them together in Brussels during their musical studies, where they discovered a shared passion for exploring 17th-century repertoire. In their harmonious collaboration, Chordis skillfully showcases the exquisite interplay between voice and plucked instruments.

The ensemble's signature sound is characterized by the rich resonance of deep theorbo strings complemented by the nimble, dancing notes of the baroque guitar, providing an enchanting backdrop for the ethereal soprano and the expressive countertenor. Their performances weave a tapestry of emotions, ranging from playful and dramatic to sarcastic and heartfelt.

Chordis not only captivates audiences with their musical prowess but also undertakes the fascinating journey of rediscovering hidden gems from lesser-known composers. This commitment to unearthing forgotten musical treasures is juxtaposed with their renditions of works by more renowned contemporaries, creating a captivating and well-rounded musical experience.

Lettere Amorose 

As the title indicates, in this programme Ensemble Chordis focuses on 17th century Italian vocal repertoire about love, different attitudes towards romance and the different situations lovers can end up in. Rejected advances, requited love, sage advice to young lovers, jealousy, disappointed hopes, despair and extasy… Lettere Amorose touches on all of those in vocal and instrumental works by Sances, Kapsberger, Monteverdi, Strozzi, Pasquini and L. Rossi.

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