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Arctic Circle artist & scientist residency

This composition was inspired by a profound experience during my participation in the Arctic Circle artist and scientist residency, where I sailed around the Svalbard archipelago on the tall ship Antigua.

In the Arctic, where the impacts of climate change are starkly visible, I witnessed the undeniable effects of retreating glaciers, massive ice calvings, and changes in wildlife behavior. Blomstrandhalvøya, once considered a peninsula, unveiled itself as the Blomstrandbreen glacier receded—a symbolic representation of the environmental transformations occurring in the region.

Motivated by this poignant experience, I channeled my emotions and reflections into 'Requiem for a Glacier.' This composition serves as an artistic response to the urgent environmental issues plaguing the Arctic, encapsulating the struggle against climate change, pollution, and human aggression. It echoes the profound lessons learned during my Arctic expedition.

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